Britta Kers, designer artist with a background in traditional art, silver and graphic design.
Digitally sculptured jewelry is an intuitively artistic way of creating jewelry, comparable to sculpting in digital clay or painting. The designs can be created in a large amount of materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze, silver and even gold or platinum. Hope you enjoy the jewelry if you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact.

Daniel Eriksson, photographer:
During years of working with photography where the joy and curiosity has been working with many diverse projects, give shape and life to ideas and capture just that special in pictures.
With 360 ° product photography, virtual tours and panoramic photography, we share the curiosity and the joy of images by letting you as the viewer become involved in a whole new way.

Member of:
SFF - Swedish Photographers Association
PFK - Pressphotographers Association, Sweden
AIPS - International Sports Press Association

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Tibble, Lindsvedsvägen 3 • 793 36 Leksand • Sweden

+ 46 (0)70 632 87 95